Tea Fortune – Success in Your Future

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What will happen in your life? If you look for your fortune in a pot of tea, you’ll be blessed with a good future. It’s always an auspicious omen you’ll see when you sip on that cup of tea and look ahead. There are many prophets of the modern day who are gamblers–they bet on what they think is going to happen. You see them wager on sports because they believe they have the knowledge of who will win or lose.

Yet who knows what is going to happen? Who can be sure? The best most can hope for is to know more often than not what will be. But tea will give you another chance birds that bring good luck; tea will give you new hope. Perhaps you don’t think it’s ethical to profit on what you know is going to happen. But you will prosper with earthly success when you quaff of the heavenly potion. You will certainly do well by drinking tea.

It is indeed useful. Tea is practical. It is fitting for your right mindset and ready to meet your needs. And if you want to guarantee the outcome of a competition, tea will help you to perform better so you are more likely to be favored in victory.

Tea is not a weighty matter. It will lighten your load as it delivers tomorrow to you. Because tea is as easy as being tied to God in good faith, as believing without any other burdensome requirement. It doesn’t take but gives and gives. So receive tea today as the Gift of God to you it really is. Learn about it so you can celebrate it. This will be the best decision you’ve made in a long time.

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