Feng Shui and Balancing the Bagua

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Some people, when they first learn about Feng Shui, are most attracted to the areas of “Prosperity” or “Relationships and Love”. Love and money are two pretty strong motivators for many of us. And in the western culture especially we tend to think “more” is always better. If one pill will cure a headache, two should do it in half the time. But neither Feng Shui nor medicine usually works that way. It is a mistake in Feng Shui to focus on only some bagua areas and concentrate all your efforts on those. Feng Shui is based on balance not on excess, and unbalanced thinking usually brings disappointing results.

I’m sure you know people who think that money can bring them happiness and pursue it 100% of the time. Perhaps you have known people who think fame is the most important thing to have. You may have noticed health fanatics or career fanatics pursue one goal at the expense of all others. Moderation is a key to balance; not to say you should not have high goals, but I am suggesting that to enjoy your life and be happy you need to have balance, in all the nine life event areas. Feng Shui teaches balance because all of the bagua’s are related and support each other. The secret to the pursuit of happiness is not to ignore any of the nine areas and become unbalanced. This is a difficult undertaking.

What does this mean and why is it important? Our goal in Feng Shui is to achieve harmony and happiness in our lives. Feng Shui believes this is the most important aspect of living. The nine-bagua areas are Health, Career, Fame & Reputation, Skills & Knowledge, Relationships & Love, Prosperity, Helpful People & Travel, Family, and Creativity & Children. If you are unfamiliar with the Bagua Map, find one and look at it and see how these categories are arranged and realize that they have a relative placement in the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Without getting too far into how the relationships work, focus for a moment on the possibility that any one of the areas that is out of balance can create havoc in virtually all the others. Certainly if your Health is neglected it will affect all of the other areas and lessen the degree you can excel in any of them. If you stress one area like Career you can understand how your family or your relationships can suffer. If you value Prosperity above all else and have a love of money you will surely end up like Ebenezer Scrooge before he saw the light.

So what about balance, how do we accomplish it, and why will it help us find the happiness we seek. Feng Shui wofs 2019 helps us use our environment to declare our intentions and begin the creative processes churning on our behalf. In order to optimize our life we need to have each area helping all of the other areas so the best possible plan for our lives can be realized. How many times have you felt a divine guidance in your life? Did this happen because you planned for it to happen? I don’t think so. Our planning effort usually end up getting us in trouble and when we experience what seems like divine guidance it often surprises us how and when it arrives. We need to balance our Feng Shui environment because we can’t possible control everything in our lives and our surroundings so that everything always goes right for us. In fact, the harder we try to be in control the more likely we are to have problems.

Balancing our Feng Shui environment means we connect to the creative processes that keeps the world functioning so we can attract those things which are in our best interest. In the movie “Forrest Gump”, the main character tries to determine if our lives are all pre determined or is it all just random chance and luck. He decides it might be some of each. An old Chinese Teaching believes the influences in our life are 1. Luck, 2. Destiny, 3. Feng Shui, 4. Virtues, 5. Education, in that order. That is an interesting list to ponder. Many believe the last one, our education, is what allows us to create our own destiny. Others believe that their Virtues will bring them good fortune. It’s interesting that the teaching ranks luck as the greatest influence and Feng Shui is third. By balancing our Feng Shui environment, we are attempting to set the creative process in motion, that will bring us the optimal existence and thereby the greatest chance of achieving harmony and happiness. We as human being do not do a real great job in knowing what is best for us. We can use Feng Shui to help us in the effort. Not to say it is a 100% cure, if the teaching was right, we still have luck and destiny to deal with, but at least with Feng Shui we can give it a shot. Balance is by definition what we need to have for optimization. Imbalance causes problems somewhere in our lives, maybe everywhere. No life category can be neglected or ignored without impacting all the other areas.