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How to sell a house fast. 5 basic tips

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Selling a good so valued these days, like a house or a department, is a task that will bring a great reward, but it is not so easy either house buyers houston. There are factors that affect how quickly the transaction is made and come from the side of both the buyer and the seller. However, you as a seller can apply at certain points so that the purchase and sale contract you expect is not delayed. Check out how to sell a fast house.

How to sell a fast house

  1. Have everything in order

It is very important that all the necessary payments are up-to-date, this includes not having debts of water, electricity, services in general and the property, for example; and that the papers like the scriptures have them at hand and with the correct information.


  1. He who does not speak, God does not listen

Its translation in modern times is: “If you are not announcing yourself, you will take a long time to sell your house”. Maybe not years, but a long amount of time, unlike if you offer your property in Mercado Libre: in addition to discovering that it is a very reliable site, you will make your sales announcement go on searches all day, every day .

Be very specific in your description and highlight all the good points of the place, such as the proximity to communication routes and services, the number of rooms, the dimensions, etc.


  1. Love is born from sight

As after reading this you will surely upload your ad to Mercado Libre (if you have not already done so), we give you some tips for your publication to attract attention:

Take the pictures with a camera, not with a cell phone, unless it has a very good camera.

Open curtains and blinds for light to enter.

Remove your personal items from the house, practically empty. If you see your clothes or your family’s pictures on the walls in the photos, it will generate distrust that the property is actually for sale. Or, on the other hand, if you are going to see your belongings, make sure everything looks clean, neat and well lit.

Upload the original photos to the site. If you upload images that you recovered from your social networks, they will look like downloaded photos from the internet and will also generate doubt that it is your home.


  1. Make the necessary repairs

First impressions are very important for everything. Look at your house from a critical point of view inside and outside, using all your senses: if something looks good or bad, if it smells strange, or something creaks, etc. Would you buy a property with “suspicious” details?

Before deciding to put it on sale and receive people who want to see the house, dedicate between 2 and 3 months to make them and update them. One thing is to make the necessary repairs and another is to change the floor or installs blinds; do not waste too much, since the new owners may have different tastes. What you can do is paint the walls a light color, white preferably.

Focus on fixing what is missing such as a fallen door, a window that does not close, a loose handrail, etc., since people who see the house can see any of these damages and will doubt the general state of the property.


  1. Be patient

No matter how many times you go to see the house, always keep it clean, arrange whatever is necessary, be attentive to people who are interested, but also let them show interest (do not look like you are desperate to sell it). And most importantly … let people discover it! If you have not yet uploaded your ad to Mercado Libre, you are losing many potential buyers. See how other sellers advertise their homes and learn about what you should do (and what not to do, too):