Tips to get more followers on Instagram

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First, do not obsess

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that overnight you will not become the new Instagram star by buy real instagram comments. If your goal is to become “influencer” you carry it raw, but that challenge does not exempt you from attending to your account in the best of ways. It is important to start your adventure in this image platform taking into account that it is a photography network and it is possible to specialize in a theme that is sure to gain weight. For example, you can turn your profile into a space to upload your drawings, photographs of the concerts, if you are fond of motorcycles or dancing.


Give it a little soul of a pitcher

A picture is worth a thousand words. That is, precisely, the workhorse of Instagram. Hence, it is essential that users can excite their followers, are provided with differential content, something that is useful or sympathetic. It is important, therefore, to establish a personal language, that people who discover your profile observe that there is a person behind.

Hence, specialization gains importance. Users may follow you because they know you personally, but if the intention is to enlarge your profile it is important to give them something exceptional that is worth consulting. And, here, it is interesting to explore certain talents that you have inside ( afloralos and remove them to shine ) and, why not? you specialize in something. In the long run it is possible to become a reference in something. And if you are a photographer or you like to give photography, better than better because it can become a book of your work that will value your followers. So try to surprise, to be witty, to draw attention and be creative.

Take advantage of the filters

Although they are changing over time, there are thirty filters available (Clarendon, Gingham, Moon, Lark, Juno, Valencia …) to improve and give you more creativity to your proposals. But do it with meaning. Do not apply any because the result can be disastrous, so before publishing do the relevant tests, as well as the intensity and saturation of the images. From the «manage» tab it is possible (and recommendable) to deactivate those that you least interest (or use). As a trick, the “emojis” can be used, if they are extended and they know how to place, as methods of degrading images to offer publications in a more attractive way.

More than photos

Keep in mind that Instagram also allows you to publish certain multimedia content such as videos. They reproduce in a continuous and cyclical way. We must bear in mind that its format is square, which conditions the camera shot. Currently, the service allows you to add this type of files with a maximum duration of sixty seconds.

More than enough to show a creative sequence – previously edited – or something more casual like the song of your favorite group during a concert. It is also possible to combine several images to achieve impressive effects, as well as create impressive “loops” from an additional application, Boomerang, as well as the dramatic filter called «superzoom».

That you know that, as a curiosity, the only vertical content is finished, since in recent times Instagram has introduced more possibilities in terms of format, so it is not necessary to cut and adjust the image to the obligatory size on many occasions. Needless to say, it is possible to retouch the images through another photo application with more complete tools and improve the quality of your proposal before uploading it to your profile.

Have a certain periodicity

The service offers a series of internal statistics that, well applied, is pure gold to know some It is important, of course, to plan the publications. If we carry out a well-defined strategy based on the peaks of the highest audience, the most favorable hours for consumption, we will most likely win “I like it” and may have more followers. That is, it is not the same to publish at 10 pm than at 6 pm.

Knowing the opportune moment to give it to «publish» is fundamental. Hence the monumental anger of the “influencers” in the last year because of the change of Instagram algorithm to privilege more relevance than maintaining its chronological wall. As for the “hashtag”, it is advisable to consult and research the most popular labels because, in this way, you can gain more prominence and allow you to discover them based on current events. An interesting option is to prepare the content in advance, save it in draft and give it up at the right time.

Reinforces the information that suggests

The network allows, among some of its essential functions, to geolocate, tag and adds “hashtag” to the images. An opportunity to complete all the content that is generated around. This can help to locate the content and gain presence, although it is not necessary to abuse them. It is also important to take advantage of the descriptions (always perfect, understandable and well written) offered by each publication, since this is a hallmark and can become your personal brand.

Take advantage of the Stories

The users, in general, tend to be attentive to these contents that disappear after 24 hours . Hence, they are more receptive when it comes to approaching these types of stories. This function allows, as a curiosity, to play with the type of font, add stickers and other interesting graphic resources to feed your profile in an almost professional way.

Interact with people

The most important thing of all is to generate community. It is even possible to label people, so it is convenient to ask yourself, for example, to make a dedication to someone or to give a postcard to a faithful follower. Interacting, commenting on other publications, responding to messages left to you by followers, as well as mentioning other accounts at any given time can increase the chances of growing your profile’s Instagram audience.

In that sense, it is possible to receive notifications from a certain user, so that if we hurry to leave a comment, someone will notice us. It is also interesting to take advantage of the search engine that is included to locate content that interests us or is related to our work to add them to our community. And, why not, try to see how to leave a link in an image in other social networks to gain visibility.

Do some direct?

Since 2016, the «app» allows retransmissions in «streaming». This option can be as scary as that, since you never know what will happen during a live broadcast, but spontaneity is rewarded and a casual attitude that will gladly please your followers. And if little by little you gain audience, even more, since this type of content usually work very well.