Bad reputation after buying Instagram Follower?

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All things in this world have at least 2 pages. A piece of paper has a front and a back page, and the same applies if you buy instagram followers.

Why is it so bad to buy Instagram subscribers?

  • Low engagement rates with fake followers – Yes, you will not get any likes or comments or sales by just buying followers. In fact, you still need to do the necessary social media marketing activities to get better results when you buy subscribers. You can not hope to get $ 1,000 in a day by just buying 100k followers. You still need to interact with your subscribers, like or leave a comment to your potential followers, with promotions and so on. The fact is, if you have more subscribers by using our service, the returns of the social media marketing activities that you have done will be much higher.

  • Loss of Integrity – If people find out that you’re buying followers, they’ll think you’re being dishonest, and you’ll fall into the lowest rank. But wait, will you contribute and tell people you only buy 1,000 followers from Social Rocket? So how does anyone know that you are buying followers? Do you know major international brands that hire people to write positive comments about their product on the site to get a higher ranking? For example, a buy real instagram followers mobile phone manufacturer was discovered who shared the same positive comment on a recession page about its newly launched product. We call it brilliant ideas with bad execution.


We live in the world of the internet today. Information is everywhere and people can easily express their opinions. There are people who do not like the idea of ​​buying Instagram followers. You can like someone and at the same time your girlfriend can hate the same person. Justin Bieber had 23 million subscribers on Instagram and yet there are thousands of websites and Facebook groups that constantly say bad things about him. That’s how the world works.